Senior Pastor Vacancy Announcement- Position Description

Qualifications :

  • Licensed and ordained Baptist Pastor
  • 5-plus years of Pastoral experience as a Baptist Pastor

The Senior Pastor is :


Accountable for: Worship Service

  • Preaching
  • Worship Leadership
  • Administration of Ordnances
  • Officiate at wedding and funeral of church members

Teaching Role :

  • Teaching (Bible Study, Membership Classes)
  • Training Leaders
  • Evangelistic, Ethical, or Discipleship concerns and issues
  • Pre-marital counseling of church members

Pastoral Care :

  • Counseling of church members
  • Visitation (Evangelism, residential homes, hospitals, nursing homes)
  • Minister to bereaved church members

Administration :

The Senior Pastor is responsible for administration of the total church program though many of the duties of administration will be delegated to staff and volunteer leadership.

The Senior Pastor shall:

  • Assist all officers, boards, and committees with long range and short-term planning and execution of their tasks by consulting, advising, coordinating and evaluating.
  • Enable each staff member to utilize their gifts in the mitnistry of the church.

Denominational and Inter-Denominational Activities:

  • Participate in, but not limited to, the National Baptist Convention and the Lima's baptist Association.
  • Cooperate with other local churches in appropriate ecumenical efforts and witness.
  • Be involved in other community agencies and programs.

Personal Growth :

  • Appropriate time for personal reading, research, and meditation.
  • Attend denominational and interdenominational conferences and conventions regularly and encourage other staff persons and members of the congregation to do likewise.

Priority Focus Areas

Interpreting faith :

  • Senior Pastor of Mt. Zion Baptist Church will deliver the gospel message of redemption and growth with depth, understanding, and authority effectively relating to all segments of our congregation.
  • The scriptures are to be interpreted in a manner that lay people can understand in adherence to the text.
  • Deliver the message grounded in Doctrines of the Baptist church and relevant to congregation.

Youth Ministry :

  • Commission some youth representation to explore the interest of our youth to create programs and activities to attract youth involvement (sustainability).
  • Enhance the Youth Ministry program. Encourage youth programs and ideas that will attract youth and engage them.
  • Demonstrate the expertise and ability to lead a variety of worship styles that appeal to young adults and will nurture their Christian faith, commitment, and discipleship.

Church Growth :

  • As a person of vision with strength in motivating persons to follow God's leadership, you will lead church growth and expansion by developing programs and activities that appeal to congregation and community.
  • The Senior Pastor's vision for Mt. Zion Baptist Church should have relevance through community involvement and build ministries through involving our church, the community, and the city of Peoria.

Preaching :

  • To be led by the Holy Spirit, in preaching, to the needs of the congregation. We need one who will shepherd us through the healing and rebuilding.
  • The Senior Pastor of Mt. Zion Baptist Church theology will be consistent with traditional Baptist beliefs. The application of their theology will be enlightening, embracing the concepts of the believer and the autonomy of our congregation.
  • Preach the word in season and out of season.
  • Deliver sermons aligned with the beliefs of the Baptist church. The sermons will reflect the beliefs of the Baptist church from a biblical perspective.

Conflict Management :

  • Project programs that nurture unity within the congregation on an ongoing a consistent basis. Communicate a process for members to resolve conflict among themselves and be committed to that process.
  • Will demonstrate the expertise, knowledge, and ability to assume the leadership role as the Senior Pastor of the church. Management skiIIs and complete knowledge of leading meetings will have a positive and productive influence on church business meeting, advisory council meetings, and any and all meetings of the congregation or groups of members.
  • The ability to resolve disputes among members as there will be times when members will have disagreements with each other.

Pastoral Care :

  • The Senior Pastor will demonstrate, by their conduct, behavior, and actions the love of Jesus Christ in all of his relationships within our congregation, within our community, and all others whom they are in contact with open and caring spirit.
  • Be available to the congregation and attentive to the members who need additional attention in event of death, weddings, celebrations, or support.
  • Designate to Associate Pastors when needed.

Christian Education :

  • The Senior Pastor will assume the leadership in developing a Christian Education Program for adults and youth based on theological, educational, and historical foundations.
  • Working with the Christian Education Ministry to develop a curriculum and establish a direction for Christian Education to resurrect the Christian Education program reflecting that direction.

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